Natasha Koroleva spoke about the gift she made to her son Arkhip in honor of his birthday.

The singer’s son from Sergei Glushko, also known as Tarzan, recently turned 20 years old. Star parents puzzled for a long time about how to please the matured heir, and decided to ask him himself.

Arkhip wanted to get something not entirely material for his birthday. However, this gift did not become inexpensive. Nevertheless, Natasha Koroleva still fulfilled the dream of the heir, although it cost her a pretty penny.

“When the question arose of what to give for 20 years, he wanted a video, said: “Mom, you don’t need anything, I want a music video.” Filmed by an international team, partly in Russia, partly in the USA. He loves to sing, but I don’t know what will come of it. It was our gift with Sergei, ”she told the portal during a fashion show of the collection of Lyubov Uspenskaya’s daughter Tatiana Plaksina.

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