Madonna’s daughter was called absolutely mediocre. It seems that in the case of the star family of the famous singer, the apple fell far from the apple tree.

Lourdes Leon released her first video for the song Lock&Key under the pseudonym Lolahol. The girl in a quiet melodious voice sings about the difficulties of romantic love, and in the video she appears as a half-naked mermaid who rushes between land and ocean – as between her beloved and freedom.

Of course, on the Web they immediately began to compare her with the great Madonna. And although compliments can also be found, many agreed that Lourdes Leon is “nothing” compared to her mother.

““ None, especially compared to what Madonna was in her years”, “Something indistinctly and quietly sings, she needs to work out with a vocal teacher”, “The song is not remembered at all”, “Mediocre”, “Don’t try , your mom has already shown and done everything”, “Mom is cooler, it’s not even worth comparing”, “What a slag,” users wrote caustic comments.

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