Racing aims to bring racing teams from the real and the virtual world closer together. Team Redline, which Verstappen has been part of for many years, is well-known among sim racers, and will represent the team online. With that team, the Formula 1 world champion has already achieved many successes in virtual long-distance racing in iRacing and the Virtual Le Mans Series. Racing does not only take action virtually. Father Jos will participate in the Belgian Rally Championship under the banner of Racing. Thierry Vermeulen, the son of Verstappen’s manager, makes his debut with Racing in the ADAC GT Masters Championship.

“Racing has always been my passion, from the moment I first got into a kart to this day,” said Verstappen. “Besides my own Formula 1 career, racing is what I spend most of my time on. I think it’s really great that with the Racing team I can share the passion for racing with drivers and teams that I feel closely connected with. Other than the pleasant it brings me, I can likewise impart my dashing information to them, which ideally will assist everybody with working on themselves.”

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