Earlier, producer Kirill Chibisov said that Loboda could easily be granted Russian citizenship if she publicly changes her position. However, more recently, a list appeared on the Web, according to which she and 30 other celebrities were banned from entering the country.

Given the current realities, it is unlikely that Loboda will receive Russian citizenship. The fact that she has been earning money in Russia for a long time is not a basis for obtaining a Russian passport. This was announced by lawyer Andrey Knyazev .

“To do this, you need to get married, get real estate, start living permanently. But I don’t think it will work. Under the current conditions, this is unrealistic,” he said.

The lawyer also doubts that Loboda, after the sanctions have been adopted, will want to get a Russian passport.

“If the state believes that it is necessary to ban the singer from entering Russia for 50 years, why would she suddenly consider that she needs to live in this country permanently and obtain citizenship,” the lawyer emphasized in a conversation with News.

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