The star of the film “Legend No. 17” Danila Kozlovsky and video blogger and stand-up comedian Danila Poperechny played in Alexander Fomin’s new comedy “Young Man”.

According to the plot, an excellent student and loser Vanya Revzin approached the age of 30 with huge debts and without great success in life. He learns that his classmate, who studied for deuces, has become a rich businessman.

Major launched a competition for high school students with a multi-million dollar prize fund. Vanya, who always looked younger than his years, decided to compete for the main prize.

In addition to the two Danils, Pavel Tabakov, Ingrid Olerinskaya and others starred in the film. The project was produced by Ilya Naishuller and Ekaterina Kononenko. The perky comedy can be seen in theaters from June 9th.

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