Actor Kevin Spacey made a special trip from New York to London to speak at court hearings in a criminal case brought against him. According to the director, he is unreasonably accused of sexually assaulting several men.

“I will voluntarily come to the UK as soon as required and will defend myself against all accusations against me. I am sure the court will prove my innocence, ”Spacey said.

Hearings are taking place at the Central Criminal Court in London, which deals with celebrity incidents from 2005, 2008 and 2013. At the time, he served as Artistic Director of The Old Vic Theatre.

TASS writes that Kevin’s troubles began in 2017, when one of the former charges of the “House of Cards” star remembered that the other treated him inappropriately 30 years ago.

Soon, another 30 people took up the idea of ​​making easy money, all of them opposed the actor. Because of what happened, Spacey actually became an outcast, he was left without work in the theater and cinema.

“I had and have a family and a beloved dog, why should I engage in “sexual pleasures” with men,” the director asks.

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