Studio Warner Bros. found two main specialists for her new project about a contract killer. Apparently, the company plans to create their own John Wick, given who took the director’s chair.

According to foreign media reports, the script for the action movie “Shibumi” will be written by Matthew Orton (“Operation “Final”, “Moon Knight”). The film will be directed by Chad Stahelski, who directed all parts of the John Wick franchise.

“The film will tell the story of Nikolai Khel. The protagonist in the past was a hired killer, carried out orders from the governments of different countries to eliminate dangerous terrorists and criminals. Having ended his career as a mercenary, Hel settles in a secluded house with his beloved woman, but the difficult past overtakes him again and destroys the idyll. The former killer will have to fight with the most powerful supra-governmental organization, ”the Deadline portal says in a publication .

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