The position of the beloved TV series “Matchmakers” has been significantly shaken. The eighth season of the project has not yet been released, but unpleasant consequences are already predicted for it.

Two key actors left the comedy picture at once – Fedor Dobronravov and Anna Koshmal. Now the writers are hard at work on new storylines that will try to explain to the audience the lack of characters. But the future of the picture, it seems, is already doomed to failure. Film critic Alexander Shpagin told PopCornNews about this .

“When the main stars leave the series, it’s always bad, because in this case they will have to be replaced, or make sure that they die according to the script. But there is nothing good in this. I would even say that it is tragic.

If the series is on the decline, then it is not worth continuing. Especially if two permanent heroes leave the picture at once. For example, replacing Drozdova with Ksenia Rappoport in Gangster Petersburg 2 lowered the rating, ”the expert explained.

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