Johnny Depp could not get away from the lawsuit of Amber Heard – new details surfaced about his scandalous trial. And they present the Hollywood bad boy in a new light.

There was a compromising correspondence between the actor and singer Marilyn Manson, which Hurd had previously demanded to be included in the case. These data can open your eyes to many things.

The scandalous rocker, previously accused of violence and abuse by several women, wrote to Depp that his relationship at the time was reminiscent of the actor’s marriage to Heard, 36, reports Newsweek .

The musician reported that he “got Ember 2.0” and was “nervous”.

“Ms. Heard’s attempt to involve Marilyn Manson in this case would vilify Mr. Depp in accordance with the theory of guilt by association,” Newsweek quoted the protest of Depp’s defense team in the preliminary investigation documents.

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