The director of the original fantasy trilogy, Peter Jackson, could bring a lot to the new project “The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power.” However, the hand of the master did not touch the expected series, for which there were good reasons.

According to Jackson himself, he was offered cooperation. The director could not give an answer until he read the script. As a result, they no longer wrote to him and attracted other directors. Film critic Oksana Agapova doubts that the creators of the series disappeared without answering such a large filmmaker. In an interview with PopCornNews, the expert explained why other authors might have been preferred over Jackson.

“Producers might think that if he has a very scrupulous eye, then he is not a team for them. He will refine the script, introducing his vision, but here it is not so important. Jackson is also known for feature films, very long, real epic. The serial format works in a completely different way, a different development of dramaturgy, a fragmentary perception of the material.”

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