Actor Daniel Radcliffe, celebrating his 33rd birthday, continues to amaze with his diverse film roles. For many viewers, he was remembered thanks to films about a young wizard.

Film critic Oksana Agapova told the PopCornNews portal whether the actor managed to escape from the hostages of the image of Harry Potter. She also named other works in which Radcliffe revealed a new side.

“To the masses, he will always be the star of the Harry Potter film because he is a cultural, historical and generational phenomenon. It will be difficult to wash off this, – said Oksana Agapova . – He had very bright projects. “Swiss Army Man” is a magnificent, author’s film, absolutely eccentric, fantastic, which came to aesthetes. There were also mainstream projects like Illusion of Deception 2.”

The expert is sure that the Potter films will remain with the next generations, not only because it is a big cult story about the confrontation between good and evil, which teaches that the world is complex and diverse.

“It’s also a very important story in terms of how this movie was made and filmed. You need to pay attention to details: talking books and lanes. Outstanding film work. The increased interest in the analysis of these films by various experts already indicates that this is a movie that will be studied further, ”said the film critic.

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