The beautician said that Brooke Shields makes some omissions in personal care.

Recently, actress and model Brooke Shields went out with her daughter. The star, once considered America’s prettiest teenager, opted for a shimmering bronze-colored gown with a plunging neckline.

Irina Kotova

Cosmetologist Irina Kotova , in a conversation with News, appreciated the appearance of the actress. She noted that Brooke manages to successfully take care of herself at her age. The expert listed the procedures that the actress could resort to to maintain a youthful appearance. She did not rule out that the Blue Lagoon star used injections.

“In general, most likely, the actress takes care of her face: toxin, procedures for skin quality (biorevitalization, hardware methods), possibly fillers,” the dermatologist suggested.

However, some areas, according to the expert, should have been given more attention.

“She is quite well-groomed at 56 years old. Here the hands and neck are a little unkempt, ”she emphasized.

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