Victoria Beckham gave her fans the hope that they could see her again as part of the legendary group. But it was not there. Now the former soloist of the Spice Girls sings exclusively for her husband. And she does it not only at home.

48-year-old Victoria Beckham decided to remember her youth and came off in karaoke with her husband, football player David Beckham. The former soloist of the Spice Girls performed one of the group’s popular songs – the hit Stop released in 1987. David shared this moment on social media.

“An evening of karaoke with the one and only Posh Spice,” the athlete and exemplary family man signed the video.

During the performance, Victoria dynamically moved her hands, trying to repeat the dance that she once performed on stage. Seeing this, the fans immediately began to overwhelm the celebrities with questions: does this mean the reunion of their favorite team?

“Is she rehearsing?”, “We need Victoria to rejoin the Spice Girls”, “We missed you,” wrote excited fans.

But all their hopes were dashed. There was no talk of any reunion of the team. Just Victoria decided to please her husband.

“Only for you, David,” the singer replied to her husband in the comments.

But, by the way, perhaps in this way Victoria tried to heal her spiritual wounds. Indeed, in relations with children, she had a real split , which prevented her on the way to the execution of a grandiose plan.

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