An American singer needs to discuss “important matters” with the head of the Catholic Church.

Madonna approached Pope Francis at the Vatican, asking for an audience. Excommunicated many years ago, the celebrity still believes that he can attend God’s temple and not be an exile among the parishioners.

“I am a devout Catholic! Several decades have passed since my last confession. Is it possible to meet sometime to discuss some important matters?” — said the celebrity on Twitter.

20 years ago, a celebrity was excommunicated for the first time. Later history repeated itself twice more. In 2006, the American singer took to the stage wearing a crown of thorns and chained herself to a crucifix. The act outraged the Catholic Church, they called the singer’s number blasphemous. The pop diva does not agree with this decision and wants to meet with Francis and repent of his sins.

Recall that, in a sense, Philip Kirkorov tried to repeat the famous number with a crucifix, but he paid dearly .

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