The second part of Sonic was never released in Russian cinemas, but in the United States, even according to the earliest forecasts, the film was a success and set two records at once, one of which is personal for Jim Carrey.

From April 8 to 10, Sonic the Movie 2 grossed nearly $71 million, a feat not seen by a Jim Carrey film since Bruce Almighty, which boasted $68 million in evergreen currency in its opening weekend.

Such an impressive figure in the first weekend is also a record for films based on computer games, with the previous record held by … the first part of the action about the super-fast blue hedgehog, writes Deadline , citing a comment from the Paramount boss:

“The record launch of Sonic 2 is a victory for Paramount and the industry as a whole. The filmmakers have done an amazing job that will serve the legions of Sonic fans as well as the general and family audience.”

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