The star of the films “Black Widow” and “Little Women” Florence Pugh wore an unthinkably revealing dress to the show of the latest Valentino collection. The chest of the actress was covered only by a translucent mesh fabric, through which absolutely everything was visible. Many users on the Web condemned her, but she herself did not remain silent.

“It was interesting to watch and be a witness to how easy it is for men to completely destroy the female body, publicly, proudly, in front of everyone,” Pugh taunted them on social networks.

The star assures that she expected such a reaction and that the remarks about the size and appearance of her breasts do not offend her at all. Is it worth it to be offended at all by a person who has received so much attention in one appearance – journalist Denis Sorokin commented on this unusual situation.

“Who cares to watch this? Naturally, people were outraged. She came there just to remind herself, to start talking about her, ”the expert said in an interview with News.

Florence Pugh

Sorokin at the same time doubts the adequacy of foreign stars:

“Her security should have twisted and thrown out. In the West they went nuts. I think they’ve gone crazy. Well, if you show your breasts like this, then why didn’t she come in what the mother gave birth to? Anything can be expected from them. Western stars have lost all shame. I don’t even follow them much now, because it’s impossible to look at it. It’s all obscurantism.”

Sorokin cited the example of Russian artists Masha Rasputina or Irina Allegrova. In his opinion, although they allowed themselves frank outfits, they never stooped to vulgarity and vulgarity.

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