Eva Longoria delighted fans with her figure.

Now the star of “Desperate Housewives” is resting with loved ones in Capri. The artist showed fans how she and her family spend time on a boat trip on a yacht.

Longoria has published a picture in which she poses in a light yellow swimsuit. This shade favorably emphasized the bronze tan of a celebrity. The actress completed the look with a hat and sunglasses.

Eva Longoria screenshot

In addition to the swimsuit, the fans had more to see. At 47, Longoria boasts a chiseled figure. In 2018, the star became a mother – after pregnancy, she recovered by 20 kilograms. However, thanks to regular classes in the gym, she manages to keep herself in shape. The actress often posts photos and videos in which she shows herself in the gym, and beach shots only confirm that she really trains hard.

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