Engaged two weeks ago, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck barely had time to spend their honeymoon in Paris, as they already managed to leave. The reason was the unexpected decision of the beloved actor to fly to another continent for the sake of a political mission.

The long-awaited wedding of the star couple made a splash in show business and brought a lot of work to the ubiquitous paparazzi. However, now it will be impossible to catch a couple in love on the promenade or at lunch in a restaurant. How long this separation will last is currently unknown. However, due to the tight schedule, the artists may not see each other very soon.

As it became known, the 50-year-old actor spends his free time in America, paying attention to children from ex-wife Jennifer Garner. J Lo also does not waste any time and demonstrates his excellent vocals to fans in Italy. The singer even left her beloved two days earlier than planned in order to have time to prepare for the concert in favor of Ukraine. Detailed information about the plans of Hollywood artists was posted by TMZ .

This time, the couple will definitely return to each other’s warm embraces, but 20 years ago, their romance overtook a completely unenviable fate. And this happened, unfortunately, not without the participation of malicious envious people .


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