Rumors about the imminent birth of a second child have been haunting Nicki Minaj for more than one month. However, the rapper did not comment on them in any way until she posted one entry.

On it, Nicky answered questions from subscribers. One of them asked directly – “Are you pregnant?”. To this, the star asked herself again, is she pregnant? Nicky grinned and rolled her eyes.

“I wanted to post this: “I’m not fat, I’m pregnant!” Minaj said with a smile live on social networks, reports NME .

40 seconds after this statement, comments from fans began to come in with congratulations. Minaj realized her mistake.

“Wait, did I say that wrong? Oh, sorry, I think I mixed up the words. I meant that I’m not pregnant, I’m fat! ”, Said the rapper.

At the same time, Minaj thanked everyone who sent her congratulations.

The day before, Nika’s husband was sentenced to a year of arrest. Prosecutors were outraged by the court’s decision, calling it a “lack of punishment .

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