Robbie Williams has signed on for Better Man, which will explore his personal and professional life. He already played in a film about himself in 2002, but this time the viewer is clearly waiting for something more extraordinary – for 20 years, the singer managed to earn the fame of a badass guy.

The film will be directed by Michael Gracie, who directed The Greatest Showman, according to The Sun. The release is scheduled for late 2023 – early 2024. How well the film will be received in Russia and in the world, said film and theater critic Valery Kichin .

The life of outrageous pop musician Robbie Williams will be of interest to many, but a documentary film about him is unlikely to collect much in Russian cinemas, the expert believes.

“I, for one, would not have gone to see this movie, and neither would people I know well. Unless, out of curiosity, someone will watch it on TV or on video. Now with the cinema, everything is not very good with us, as you know. And people are getting out of the habit of going to the cinema. Therefore, I think those who want to watch will simply download the film on the Internet,” Kichin explained in an interview with PopCornNews.

Although the success of the film is unlikely in our country, in the rest of the world everything can turn out differently. The expert believes that the authors of the project are counting on the artist’s fans, and he has a lot of them, especially in the West.

“These films always depend on the degree of popularity of the character. As we know, the film about Elton John collected millions. But it’s also well made. So the success of a film about Robbie Williams will also depend on its quality, ”said the film critic.

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