Singer Victoria Beckham tried to establish her own rules in a relationship with her daughter-in-law Nicola Peltz. The girl did not let herself be offended, however, her enmity with an imperious relative brought her a lot of worries.

It was recently revealed that the former Spice Girls and the wife of her son Brooklyn are in a tough fight. The women did not share the organization of the wedding, and after that they even stopped talking to each other. As it turns out, it’s all about education. An upset Peltz posted a photo on social networks where she cries after the conflict.

                                                     Nikola Peltz


“I grew up with siblings and two strong parents, which made me very cool. They got it into my head that I shouldn’t let people break me or hurt my heart. It got me defensive ,  Peltz explained.

Meanwhile, the hostility only intensifies. Brooklyn himself has already distanced himself from his parents. Insiders suggest that Peltz is simply jealous of the star mother-in-law.

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