Even two years after the end of the long-running series about the legendary paranormal monster hunting brothers, viewers still have a lot of questions about the gaps in their story. The creators of “Supernatural” approached the solution of the problem radically.

We are talking about the new show “Winchesters”, which starts this fall. The CW TV channel showed a new trailer for the project. As previously mentioned, the fans were worried about the fate of some of the characters, especially the parents of Dean and Sam – John and his wife Mary. How the most unusual couple in the world met, who pushed whom to war with evil spirits, and why the head of the family abandoned his beloved – judging by the teaser, all this will be shown in the prequel.

“All my life I have been looking for something. Good or evil. Save people, hunt someone. I was born to do this,” comments the hero John in a new video.

The premiere will take place on October 11.

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