Heidi Klum is often in front of cameras, who really do not like it when the face in front of them shines with sweat. The star claims that this problem now bypasses her – over the years, she allegedly learned not to sweat in the face area.

On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, she revealed that the assistants had to constantly run up to the model with a powder puff to remove the shine that appeared on the skin, according to People. However, at some point, Heidi began to save the efforts of employees.

“And now my face does not sweat. I just tell myself not to sweat there, and then I sweat everywhere you can’t see it. And this is my talent. He is hidden. Because I don’t show it,” said the model.

Therapist, cardiologist and gerontologist Yuri Serebryansky , in an interview with News, completely denied the possibility of the existence of such a talent. According to him, it is not worth believing in such stories.

“Lies and self-hypnosis. You can’t set yourself up for this, she’s lying. Sweating is a protective reaction of the body to excess fluid or heat. And everyone sweats, including on the face, just some more, others less. For example, those who have vegetovascular dystonia sweat more, ”the specialist explained.

Recently, another expert also commented on Heidi’s pride that her daughter followed the same professional path.

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