Even the most brutal actors in life remain loving husbands and caring fathers. Sometimes their family affairs affect the filming process in the most bizarre way. Ryan Gosling spoke about such a case in a recent interview.

A scene from the spy thriller The Gray Man was filmed in Prague. There were explosions and shooting all around, and Ryan’s hands were handcuffed. At that moment, his wife Eva Mendes, the mother of two Gosling girls, called him on his mobile phone.

“I hid behind a bench and freed one hand to answer. During the conversation, the wife said: “Ryan, when will the explosions stop? Our girls have a piano lesson,” Gosling said, which amused Good Morning America journalists who interviewed him.

Ryan and actress Eva Mendes have two children, Esmeralda, 7, and Amanda, 6.

“Everyone has their own priorities,” the actor added with a smile.

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