Because of an unknown woman, little Harper faced a serious threat.

David and Victoria Beckham have a large and friendly family. But recently, the couple almost lost their daughter Harper.

An unknown 58-year-old woman came to the school where the girl is studying. She claimed to be Harper’s real mother. According to her, for many years she had an affair with David, and then he stole her eggs. After that, the woman was taken to the hospital. Now everyone is waiting for the decision of the court, which will be held on June 12.

Beckham was horrified to learn of what had happened. From that moment on, he is seriously worried that unknown people know where his daughter is studying, and can intrude into the privacy of his family like this unceremoniously.

“David felt threatened, he feared for the safety of his family and believed that such behavior was purposeful and intimidating. He says he does not know the accused and she is definitely not the mother of his children, ”an insider told the Daily Mail .

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