No matter how many different roles Charlize Theron has played in her career, she is still perceived only as a sexy blonde. And it’s not her fault at all.

Film critic Roman Grigoriev , in an interview with the PopCornNews portal, explained that the actress skillfully uses the boring image. She absolutely does not interfere with the fact that the directors see her only as a sex bomb. However, she still tries to erase all frames. And in one picture she managed to surpass herself.

“Her nature created the image of a sexy blonde and there’s nothing to be done about it. She is offered certain roles due to her data, such a Hollywood blue-eyed beauty. She is a hostage to her appearance, but sometimes there are exceptions. In the movie “Monster” she reincarnated as a serial killer. You believe her there and you understand that she is a good actress. Commercial films often do not allow the actor to show all his sides, and complex pictures just demonstrate that there is not only a face and a figure.

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