Cardi B manages not only to perform at concerts, record new tracks, but also to raise two children from Offset.

The couple have a four-year-old daughter, Kalche Kiari, and a ten-month-old son, Wave. The celebrity said that at first she didn’t even ask for help from nannies. The performer admitted that she could not trust children to unknown people.

Psychologist Olga Latyntseva believes that the situation is quite serious. The singer needs to see a specialist and work with her anxiety.

“There is a high level of anxiety here. And if an anxious mother who is afraid to give her children to a nanny, to kindergarten and relatives, this is a high level of anxiety. Anxious mothers often get sick children, ”said the News expert.

The psychologist urged mothers to learn to trust and added that the child must learn to be without a mother. The nanny must be chosen good. This should be evident from her communication, correspondence, facial expressions.

In addition, she must be active so that she can play with the baby. Most importantly, she must love children. A bad babysitter can hurt.

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