Written showdowns between John Lennon and one of his former colleagues have become public. Moreover, the message of 50 years ago, in which the fate of The Beatles was decided, has been preserved, and now anyone can put it “at home in a frame.”

It is known that in 1971, after leaving the legendary band, Paul McCartney spoke unflatteringly about both his band and Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono. John reacted to this, who wrote a letter with a bunch of barbs to his former partner. True, he ended the message on a positive note, saying, “if you have any questions, but you don’t want to see each other, then just call,” they say in NME .

The original typewritten text, with Lennon’s handwritten notes, is now up for auction, now valued at $33,000. And this is not the limit.

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