Spoiler is ready to make one of the great revelations in the history of the seventh art: who
is the best actor of the mythical Star Wars? Attention!

star wars This is the most important intergalactic saga in the history of contemporary
cinema. This set of films is the product of the restless imagination of Georges Lucas who
knew how to earn a place in pop culture and gave entity to words like Jedi, Sith or the
mysterious use these characters make of The Force, something something that later had
a scientific explanation in The Phantom Menace with the controversial midichlorians.


The reality is that the mythology of star wars It is propelled by great actors who performed
their roles convincingly, making this fantastic story one that touches the viewer’s nerves,
like when we see the lightsaber duel between Obi-Wan Kenobi and his apprentice Anakin
Skywalker or the confrontation father – son between Luke and Darth Vader.

Who is the best star wars actor ? There are many important proper names to choose from,
but in Spoilers We have a soft spot for one of the franchise’s performers: Marc Hamil ,
responsible for bringing Luke Skywalker to life. Young Skywalker experiences what is
known as “the hero’s journey” evolving from a farmer on the forgotten world of Tatooine to
becoming the most important figure in the Rebel Alliance against the Intergalactic Empire.


best star wars actor

It was Marc Hamil ‘s desperate cry when his character learns that Darth Vader is in fact his
real father that moved us and gave this scene the specific weight that Georges Lucas was
looking for a twist that would become one of the most famous of the seventh art. The
actor really knew how to capitalize on his histrionic abilities in a seminal Star Wars


The actor has also made a name for himself in the theater where he managed to get
noticed in the play Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks as acerbic dance teacher Michael
Minetti. One of your creations caught your attention? His starring role in the interactive PC
video game Wing Commander where he brought Colonel Christopher Blair to life.

The person responsible for impersonating Luke Skywalker has participated in titles such
as Slipstream, Midnight Ride, The Guyver, Hamilton, Airborne, Sushi Girl Yes Kingsman:
The Secret Service . These are just a few films in the extensive curriculum of a performer
who was able to win the admiration and appreciation of global audiences. We also can’t
forget his role as the voice of the Joker in countless projects! Role that began in the iconic
Batman: The Animated Series . Marc Hamil It has been a real symbol for more than a
generation and that is why we are highlighting it today.

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