After the trial with Johnny Depp, Amber Heard had a black streak in her life.

Now the actress owes her ex-husband about $15 million. Amber intends to appeal the decision and at least achieve a reduction in the amount. The human rights activists of the star claim that she does not have that kind of money, and litigation with the performer of the role of Jack Sparrow pretty devastated her pockets .

But it seems that this lawsuit will not be the last in litigation between the spouses. This conclusion was reached by lawyer Yulia Verbitskaya-Linnik in an interview with the PopCornNews portal. She answered whether the star could achieve a court decision in her favor. According to the lawyer, in order to prove his case, Hurd will have to give all his best, both psychologically and financially.

“Of course, the decision taken restores the previously disturbed balance of interests. Taking into account the fact that the work of Depp and the lawyers in this case was colossal – they were able to convince both the court and the jury, we can assess the likelihood of this decision being changed by the court of appeal as low. Therefore, for Mrs. Amber Heard, this will entail an increase in legal costs, which for the consideration of such disputes in the United States amount to more than significant amounts. It can be hundreds of thousands of dollars, ”the expert emphasized.

Of course, Hurd does not agree now to publicly admit that she deceived both the courts and the public, and as a result of these accusations, Depp suffered huge losses, the lawyer recalled. Her statements led the actor to the loss of contracts, as well as reputation – for a while he became persona non grata in Hollywood.

“Now that her allegations are proven to be libelous, I think this was the first lawsuit by Johnny Depp, and by no means the last. They will go through a chain of appeals by all courts, including those of appeal and cassation, and if Depp is right, then Mrs. Amber Heard will have to work hard for lawyers, ”concluded Verbitskaya-Linnik.

It would be another place for Amber to work. After all, after the scandal, the studios will now cooperate with her extremely reluctantly. One of them was already about to abandon a major project with the participation of the actress, or rather exclude her from all episodes of the blockbuster.

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