Sometimes it’s not enough to just wear fashionable clothes to get a stylish look.

Recently, Alexander Vasilyev spoke about one of the most fashionable shades of the season. This is what he called cobalt. In his opinion, this shade is quite capable of replacing even black in the wardrobe.

Stylist Nadezhda Ivanova only partly agreed with this opinion . She noted that black is a timeless classic. But it’s not as perfect as it might seem, the expert added.

“It makes the figure flat, but the blue one, on the contrary, structures the figure. Therefore, if you want to look slimmer, choose dark blue instead of black. I would refer to blue as basic shades, like black, white, beige, ”she explained.

Alexander Vasilyev

The stylist also said that the theme of indigo, deep blue is such a macro trend that is not only this season. It was in the previous, and probably will be relevant in the next season, because the rich dark blue color is the color of spirituality, sublimity, intelligence, says Nadezhda Ivanova.

And now, indeed, society needs it, said the stylist. Therefore, the love for blue is manifested not only among designers, but also among the general public. At the same time, the expert would not advise blindly following the recommendations of stylists.

“I don’t really like these “trends-half-trends”, because for the layman they mean nothing. That is, choosing the color composition of things according to the recommendations of the Pantone Color Institute is a big nonsense. The shade should depend on the color of the hair, skin, eyes, mood – but not on what fashion industry experts say. As far as “your” color is, only you or your personal stylist can determine it, ”she emphasized in an interview with News.

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