Eminem’s daughter Hayley Jade Scott has shared what it was like growing up in a celebrity family. As it turned out, they did not try to protect her from the world of less wealthy people.

As Hayley Jade admitted in her debut YouTube podcast , her childhood was “surreal” but mostly normal. Eminem’s daughter went to a regular school and traveled with her friend on a tour bus. Then she took it for granted, and now she understands how great it was.

Journalist Georgy Ivashchenko , in an interview with PopCornNews, confirmed that among Russian stars there are many who do not teach children to luxury. According to him, there are two categories of celebrities. The first, having seized upon money and fame after a poor life, actively demonstrate their wealth and raise their children so that they do not need anything, as they once did. The second approaches the issue more intelligently.

“They purposely organize the communication of children with people of different social strata. So that the child understands that they don’t give a lot of money to school, they don’t wear brands. Many millionaires leave their children only a certain amount so that the children have a desire to live, strive for something and earn money, ”explained Ivashchenko.

Depending on the approach, the journalist says, two types of star children grow up:

“Some are golden youth who hang out, get into accidents, all sorts of stories. Others, regardless of their financial capabilities, remain adequate, make friends with honest and simpler people.

He cited Nikita Presnyakov as an example, noting that he has an amazing family. According to Ivashchenko, Nikita is not a major, knows the value of money and communicates with a variety of people. And there are many such star children, Ivashchenko assures, in Russia.

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