Many consider Elizabeth II a harmless old woman, but the British queen is not at all what she might seem at first glance. There are as many as seven laws that the monarch has the right to violate.

Elizabeth II doesn’t even have her own passport. In addition, she does not have other documents, such as a driver’s license. According to the laws of Great Britain, such crusts are issued on behalf of the Queen, which means that she cannot provide them herself.

However, the lack of documents does not prevent the British Queen from driving a car. In addition, the paparazzi often notice that it greatly exceeds the speed limit.

Thanks to the exceptions that Elizabeth II has achieved for herself, the police cannot enter her palace. Even if law enforcement officers investigate the murder, they will not be able to get into Sandrigem and Balmoral Palaces.

A monarch cannot be punished even for crimes. It is she who administers the British court, which means she cannot punish herself.

The Queen may also pay no taxes. However, she violates this law only partially – she pays them at the minimum rate.

Since all the animals in the country belong to Elizabeth II, she can easily afford meat from dolphins and swans for lunch. But for ordinary citizens it is strictly prohibited.

Also in the UK they cannot control the Queen’s investments. Due to the fact that the law on investment transparency was changed in the 70s, no one knows what is in the possession of Elizabeth II, reports The Guardian .

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