Yoo Joo Eun

The older brother of the actress revealed the reasons that prompted Yoo Joo Eun to commit suicide. It turned out that the celebrity could not cope with his rapidly soaring career.

The star of popular dramas wrote that she has lived a long and happy life, which she has more than enough, and is not afraid of anything. She mentioned that she loved acting the most in her life, but that was what became her curse.

” I’m sorry I’m leaving early. Especially mom, dad, grandmother and brother. My mind is screaming that I don’t want to live anymore. You may feel empty without me, but please stay strong. I will watch over you. Please don’t cry. It’s bad for health.

I really wanted to do acting. Maybe it was my everything or just a part of me. But then it was not easy to continue this life. I didn’t want to do anything else. It was devastating. I realized that having a dream is a blessing and a curse at the same time,” Yoo Joo Eun ’s brother was quoted on social media.

In the press, Yoo Ju Eun was dubbed “the second Sulli  , another popular Korean actress. The latter could not stand the Internet harassment and committed suicide in 2019.

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