The producers disappointed Britney Spears with their behavior. They denied the singer the realization of an old dream. Because of this, she feels depressed and worthless.

Britney Spears has opened up about releasing a new version of her ’90s hit Baby One More Time. But, unfortunately, the superstar was denied this.

“I asked for what I wanted for 14 years – a different version of Baby. But the production team said no. Because, you see, they have four other artists besides me. I wanted to shoot a new version of the video beautifully and have a new sound. But the producers ruined everything and shamed me. They made me feel like an absolute nobody,” wrote Britney Spears on the social network.

The song Baby One More Time was released on October 23, 1998. The single reached number one on the charts in all European countries.

Earlier it was reported that Britney Spears called the US a “sick” country.

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