The results of the first fees since the premiere showed how much the audience was waiting for the film “Thor: Love and Thunder“.

The Thor sequel was recently released in US cinemas. Movie screenings are packed to capacity. However, a large number of viewers did not allow the film to earn the amount that was originally intended.

On its opening day, Thor: Love and Thunder grossed $29 million, the second-highest mark of the year. In this regard, the picture was ahead of “Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness”, which earned $ 35 million from the start of the show.

It was assumed that the fees of the film will not increase. Forbes analysts wrote that the fourth part of “Thor” will not collect more than 151 million at the box office for the premiere weekend.

However, the conclusions were hasty. Despite the fact that the film earned $ 29 million on the day of the premiere, in just the first weekend from the start of the rental, about $ 300 million was collected, FoxBusiness writes . In the US alone, fees amounted to 147 million. Thus, the picture paid off already on the first weekend – 250 million dollars were spent on shooting.

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