After the birth of the child, Rihanna finally began to go out again. This time the singer came to the concert of her beloved A$AP Rocky, but all the attention was focused not on her, but on her clothes.

Check-in appeared at the performance in a scarf tied over her head, an oversized sports suit from Balenciaga & Adidas and pointy shoes or boots that barely peeked out from under the wide legs.

Fashion designer Apollon Baigakoff thinks Rihanna’s look failed. He told News about it.

“The image of Rihanna is funny. The combination itself is terrible. If there was a bandanna or panama, it would look much better. Although this oversized tracksuit from Balenciaga & Adidas also leaves a lot to be desired. Disfigured fashion, in my opinion. Nothing beautiful and stylish,” the expert explained.

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