In less than a couple of days, rapper Kanye West reacted to the loud breakup of his ex-lover. The singer did not post anything on his pages on social networks for a long time, and when he did publish it, no one understood anything.

The other day it became known that Kim Kardashian broke off relations with Pete Davidson. Of course, the ex-husband of the TV personality could not get past such an event and posted a picture with the following content: it shows a fake newspaper, which says: “Skeet Davidson died at the age of 28” .

                                  Screenshot Kanye West Social networks

However, the fans did not understand the message of this “stand-up” from Kanye.

“Does this mean that you will return with Kim as a couple?”, “This is very strange”, “Here you are“ toxic ””, “What kind of nonsense ?!” — outraged commentators.

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