On August 4, Meghan Markle celebrated her 41st birthday. On this day, ” gritting her teeth” , congratulated the hero of the occasion, almost the entire royal couple. Especially the public was waiting for solemn words from the main monarch of the country, but she chose to remain in the shadows.

It is noteworthy that Elizabeth II usually congratulates only those family members who are busy with the holidays, which does not apply to Harry and Meghan. It was also recently reported that Prince Harry was going to sue the government because of the refusal to provide protection.

Earlier there was a rumor that Harry and Meghan allegedly received an invitation to Balmoral Castle for the traditional August holidays. But it turned out to be a fake: a trip there must be earned with devotion and trust. There is another reason: on the same day as Meghan, the queen’s mother would have celebrated her birthday. Apparently, Her Majesty decided to pay tribute to her blood relatives, rather than the fleeing Sussexes, writes ELLE .

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