Kate Middleton is once again forced to miss half of the holiday due to the antics of her little son.

Prince Louis traditionally accompanied his parents and sat in the front row at the theatrical march in honor of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. At first, the four-year-old member of the royal family was amused by what was happening, but soon he got bored again and already habitually began to amuse reporters, according to the Daily Mail portal.

Kate Middleton

Kate was constantly distracted by her son and tried to calm him down, but it was difficult for the baby to sit still. At some point, a former rugby player, and now the husband of the Queen’s eldest granddaughter, Mike Tindall, took up playing with him, but soon he got bored with the boy.

Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge, as usual, shone with her elegance. This time , the royal person preferred a tight-fitting light cherry dress to an exquisite white coat .

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