Fashion expert praised the bold image of Kylie Jenner.

Recently, one of the Kardashian sisters has pleased fans with a new picture. She showed a photo, which is depicted in a rather daring way.

The main detail of Kylie’s outfit was a jacket, as if taken from a man’s shoulder. The star wore it over a mini dress. Jenner also completed the look with stiletto heels in a trendy fuchsia shade. This image was appreciated by stylist Olga Epifanova .

Kylie Jenner Screenshot 

“Now such images are at the peak of popularity. Blazers from the male shoulder are considered one of the main trends of recent seasons. They look stylish and interesting. Despite their size, they are able to make the image more fragile. We see that this jacket is large, and against the background of such clothes, the girl seems more petite, ”she said.

The stylist also gave some recommendations on how best to wear such jackets.

“It looks great on most body types, except for petite girls or very curvaceous ladies. Then such a jacket can make the image square and a little awkward. And also if you are not the owner of long legs, then I recommend wearing this version of the jacket with a heel or platform – it will be visually better for your figure, ”the fashion expert explained in a conversation with hubaalnews

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