The streaming platform Netflix freshly released “ Day Shift  ” its new original film starring Jamie Foxx . Here we meet Bud Jablonski, a family man and pool cleaner who secretly supports his family by being a vampire hunter. Produced by ‘John Wick’ filmmaker, Chad Stahelski  ‘Day Shift’ is set to emphasize its action storylines.

In addition, we will be able to see the participation of the talented Mexican actress Karla Souza , who will play Audrey, a vampire leader of a vampire organization seeking revenge on the vampire hunters who killed her daughter. The story of ‘Day Shift’ promises to have action, blood and suspense, being a film you won’t want to miss, with an excellent cast.

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What is DayShift about?

Jamie Foxx stars as a hardworking dad who just wants to give his resourceful daughter a good life, but his job cleaning pools in the San Fernando Valley is a front for his true source of income, hunting and killing vampires. in the framework of. of an international union of vampire hunters.

Producer Chad Stahelski commented on what audiences can expect from the upcoming movie: “Having done all the John Wick movies and then read the script, I think JJ Perry makes ‘Day Shift’ a fresh take on John Wick movies. vampires… JJ took some of the vampire mythology and put it in crazy situations of gunfights and car chases and bike chases. »

During Netflix’s first look at “Day Shift,” Jamie Foxx explained, “In this movie, I’m in the business of vampire hunting and money for fangs. He continued jokingly, “We’re doing something you’ve never seen before. It’s fun and the waterfalls you’ll see are amazing. »

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Full cast of Day Shift

Jamie Foxx will play Bud Jablonski, a rebellious vampire hunter who doesn’t like to follow the rules, an attitude that gets him into a lot of trouble. Helping him out will be Big John Elliott, a character played by rapper Snoop Dogg a hunter friend of Bud who will help him get back to his guild, leading to several hilarious moments between the dynamic duo.

Karla Souza will show us a terrifying side by playing a vengeful and evil vampire, as well as a cunning personality, inventing a kind of sunscreen that allows her to go out in the sun and hide her vampire identity. “Day Shift” also includes the participation of David Franco , Natasha Liu Bordizzo , Méagan Bon , Steve Howe Yes Scott Adkins .

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