A whole team tried to fasten the famous dress on Kim, but these attempts were unsuccessful.

Marilyn Monroe did not live in the era of fitness and plastic surgery, so she was far from Kardashian’s forms. Needless to say, the diva wore clothes of a completely different size.

However, this circumstance did not bother Kim at all, and she still put on the famous “naked” dress of the actress. For the sake of the outfit, the TV personality lost 7 kg, but even this was not enough – the dress did not fit on the most prominent part of the star’s body.

Kardashian and her stylists found a way out of the situation. At the Met Gala, Kim appeared with a white fur cape on her shoulders, which covered the problem area. So the guests did not suspect that her outfit was catastrophically small. Only then did the footage leak to the Web, which shows how the dress actually sat on Kim.

Now it’s clear why the museum allowed the Kardashians to wear a dress only to go out on the red carpet. If the reality TV star wore it all evening, then the iconic outfit could be seriously damaged.

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