When a story is told well, it doesn’t take much more. The movies showed us that many of those movies that have remained in the memory of viewers over the years is because, on several occasions, they had something to tell us. Perhaps they allowed us to reflect, they questioned us, they forced us to ask ourselves questions and to answer them ourselves or with another.

Because, yes, it’s true that perhaps the ultimate goal of a film is to entertain, but we must not forget the humanity that percé already possesses in the seventh art. seeing go! Come on, we can meet up with this. The new film with joaquin phoenix it does not need special effects, or even color to generate a cocktail of emotions ranging from laughter to those sincere and moving tears.

The story follows the life of Johnny , a 45-year-old journalist who produces his own podcast. Single and childless, her sister asks her to take care of her only son while she tries to help her husband who has to be admitted to a psychiatric clinic. Skeptical of how he would get along with the little one – they had barely had a bond before – he doubts at first that he can take care of him. However, he finally gives in to his sister’s request and travels from New York to Los Angeles.

There he meets Jesse, who lives in a stylish but bohemian house full of music and books. A typical intellectual house, but with the conspicuous absence of his father. Jesse knows that something serious is happening, but faced with his mother’s silence, he prefers to take refuge in other experiences like any child. Thus, the arrival of this almost unknown guy becomes a kind of balm for the sadness that is implicit in his heart.

As the film progresses, this bond grows more and more until they truly become inseparable. Despite their differences, Johnny, from his role as uncle, gradually manages to make Jesse find a space to express what he feels, to exorcise the anger that causes him not to be with his family.

The film is moving in every way and those who have nephews will surely feel more moved by the story. However, come on! Come on He leaves us a lesson that we could all learn whatever our role. One of the things the film wants to tell us has to do with expression, especially in childhood. That a boy or a girl finds a space to say what is happening to them is essential for them to feel supported and sure of themselves and their place.

Finding those spaces in childhood isn’t always easy, but Jesse is blessed with Johnny , a seemingly lonely man with a larger inner, sentient world than he himself realizes. In fact, this adventure which takes him with his nephew to Los Angeles first, then to New York and later to New Orleans, also helps him to reflect on the actions of his own life.

Of course, the connection between the two is the sustenance of the film and, in this sense, the performances of Phoenix and Boisé Normand must be highlighted , without a doubt, a revelation to whom a long and fruitful career in Hollywood could be sponsored. The young actor, aged just 13, gives a heartfelt and beautiful performance that leaves absolutely no trace that he is actually British. His American accent is played to perfection without a doubt.

And about joaquin phoenix . It’s no news that the Oscar-winning actor has already been an icon of cinema in recent years. Films like Walk the Like, The Master, Gladiator and recently The Joker , a performance for which he won his first Oscar, demonstrate the versatility available to the artist in giving life to characters so different from each other. Phoenix can transition from sociopath to ordinary man with truly remarkable ease.

But let’s go back to the beginning. Without a good story, a movie would never be the same. Here it is logically Mike Mills , writer and director of this black and white film shows that the story does not even need colors to entertain the audience with what is told. It also happens that Mills is not new to this type of drama. In 2010, the filmmaker surprised audiences with Beginners , which followed Hal, a man in his sixties who comes out as gay after the death of his longtime wife. And he also did the same with the inspiring Women of the 20th Century which focuses on the experiences of women of different ages in the 70s.

The narrative plots built by Mills are simple yet complex at the same time, like life itself. Each story that we set out to tell has a necessary depth that is a pleasure to see on the big screen and go! Go is the example. The film is now available in Argentina and Mexico theaters .

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