A resurfaced clip from Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk series shows how husband Will spent three years planning a surprise birthday party – only for her to not show enough of the reaction he was hoping for.

The couple opened up about when Jada, now 50, celebrated her 40th birthday, and Will decided to take it upon himself to throw a lavish surprise on her.

However, things didn’t go as well as he had hoped – in fact, his reaction was so bad it sent Will into a ‘low point’, while Jada admitted it was over. by being the “turning point” in their romantic relationship.

The two were talking about the incident on an episode of Red Table Talk, which Jada hosts with their daughter Willow and mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris.

Jada recalled, “I think the turning point in our relationship for me happened when I turned 40. That’s when I had a midlife crisis. »

Will agreed, “Yeah, your 40th birthday was my low point. »

The actor went on to explain how he threw an elaborate party for his wife, having started planning it three years before her birthday.

He said: “The day after his 37th birthday, I hired a team to orchestrate his 40th birthday. »

Addressing his little girl Willow, he proceeded: ‘I recruited a narrative group, I followed mum’s family roots.

“His 40th birthday was going to be my thing! »

Jada then interrupted, with a disappointed look on her face: “It was going to be a splash. »

Mary J

Will then shared the details of what he arranged, saying, “Mary J. Blige performed, I debuted in the movie, all that stuff.

It would have been what might get her out of this emotional meltdown. This was going to be my most beautiful, deepest proclamation of love.

“Furthermore, she let me know that the party was the most absurd showcase of my inner self. »

As Willow let out a sympathetic sigh, her father continued, “Crushed, huh?” And to this day I know I was crushed because it was true. It was not a party for her.

will smith

After the clip was re-shared on Reddit recently, many people were surprised to hear Jada’s reaction.

One person commented, “Wow…what the f**k”, before calling Jada ‘ungrateful’.

Another wrote: “Imagine being married to someone who has literally spent years planning a special event for you and instead of gratitude you say it is to feed his ego… marital bliss. »

A third composed logically: “Deal with her like she’s a VIP, she’ll deal with you like a fan.

However, others were able to see Jada’s perspective, with one saying, “The way he portrayed it sounded like he was feeding his own ego. »

will smith Family

Later in the conversation, Will recalled “slamming” in front of his daughter for the first time because of what had happened.

He said: “When she called me about it, that’s when I broke down. »

Turning to Willow, he added. “I’m sorry – that was the only time you heard me break down.” »

As the two hugged, Jada laughed and said, “Thank goodness! »

Will went on to say that it was “the only time” in his daughter’s childhood that she had ever seen him break down.

He said: “I saw her watching and Willow started crying and I said, ‘Baby, I’m sorry, sorry’ and she said, ‘Just understand it. Please understand it, understand it. ‘”

Jada then added: “It was a demonstration – that moment when, like me, I had the courage to say no.

“However, presently I needed to have the mental fortitude to unwind it. And just by achieving the next 40, I have to do it my way. »

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