Jennifer Lopez, after the wedding with Ben Affleck, took her husband’s surname in order to confirm the seriousness of her intentions to be with him until the end of her days. However, there is a high probability that the star will burn out soon. At least that’s what Ohani Noah, the artist’s first husband, thinks so. He has every reason for this.

Jay Lo’s first marriage didn’t even last a year. She divorced her husband in a scandal. However, their love story began very beautifully. When they met, Noah was fascinated by Lopez. And after the wedding, the singer told him that she wanted to be with him always, since he was her only love.

According to Lopez’s ex-husband, the star is very fickle in her feelings. He also recalled that her marriage to Affleck is the fourth in a row, and she was engaged to be six times at all.

“Ben is husband number four. I was the number one husband and she told me that I was the love of her life. When we were in bed on our wedding night, she said that we would be together forever, ”the celebrity ex-husband said in a conversation with Page Six .

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