Kelly Greyson, who co-stars Bruce Willis in one of his latest films, recalled the enjoyable experience she had working with the accomplished actor.

Bruce Willis fans were saddened by the news of his retirement, but as a co-star of his new film puts it, the prolific actor is “drawing a legend.” Kelly Greyson, an actress and stuntwoman who has collaborated with Willis on several projects, appears with the actor in the new film Fortress: Eye of the Sharpshooter . This movie was shot just over a year ago before Willis was recently announced to retire after being officially diagnosed with aphasia, a condition that affects speech and communication skills.

According to Fox, Greyson said the news of Willis’ diagnosis took her by surprise, as she didn’t notice the actor struggling on set while they worked together. What she hopes is that her retirement will help remind her fans of her legacy and incredible career instead of focusing on her health. As Greyson says:

“”I’ve never heard of [his] diagnosis previously. But my memory of working with Bruce is how friendly and really, really talented he was in his role. He is definitely a professional. He’s coming out like a legend with a great career behind him… I’ve had the privilege of working with him several times over the past two years. It was a gift to be able to get to know him as a person and see how genuinely nice he is in real life. The story about him right now should be about the incredible career he’s had. »

Greyson also spoke about how kind Willis is to her and everyone on set, despite rumors that he might be difficult to work with. The veteran actor is said to be friendly with everyone and often hang out with his fellow cast and crew members.

“Thinking back, he was more down-to-earth, engaging and generous than I would have imagined. Often fame goes to people’s heads. He’s definitely super suave on camera, but just in real life he’s embodied these things It’s a huge compliment to someone of this international notoriety for them to also be just a good human… Regarding being on set and interacting with people, yes, he would hang out and stare at the screen. some of the actors playing their roles. He would sit and talk with the director. I think he was just interacting on a personal level with people.

Bruce Willis and Kelly Greyson share a scene in Fortress: Sniper’s Eye
Greyson teased a scene she shares with Willis in their upcoming film, which is due out later this month. 
She had already worked extensively with Willis on other projects, but Greyson recalls it was a “very cool time” to work with the actor again for this particular scene, which is ultimately one of the last performances of the 
Dying . 
“This one, I think he was recovering from a previous fight. 
We had a scene in a hospital room, so we were talking about what would happen next. 
It was a very cool moment. 
In the other films, there are also a lot of scenes. 
It’s always been a good time. 

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