Kevin Federline, ex-husband of Britney Spears, decided to put an end to the negative statements about their sons. To do this, the ex-husband of the star published materials that make us reconsider the attitude to the pop icon as a good mother.

Federline posted several videos on the Web in which Spears quarrels with his sons. In the footage, Jayden James is 11 years old and Shaw Preston is 12 years old. In a series of videos, Spears urges her sons to respect her in a raised tone and reminds them that they live in her house, and also asks several times if they are crazy.

In the description of the publication, Federline urged users to stop blaming his sons, who now do not communicate with their mother. Also, the ex-husband of the pop star denied reports that the children allegedly never wanted to spend time with Spears.

“I cannot sit back and let my sons be blamed for such things after what they have been through. Therefore, we have decided to show you these videos in order to stop spreading lies, ”Federline wrote on social networks.

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