Excessive thinness of Angelina Jolie has long raised questions. While the public is sounding the alarm, the Hollywood diva herself does not see any problems: she is satisfied with her body. However, now for the health, and maybe the life of a 41-year-old celebrity, her children are experiencing.

In recent years, the press has increasingly flashed pictures in which Jolie looks emaciated. The clavicles protrude strongly under thin, almost transparent skin. Hands seem powerless, and all movements seem to be given to the actress with difficulty.

Rumor has it that the celebrity is sick with anorexia, but there is no confirmation of the rumors. A Suggest insider close to the family of ex-wife Brad Pitt noted that six celebrity heirs are begging their mother to take care of their health before the worst happens.

“It’s just shocking how thin, sinewy her arms are, and the bones literally look like they could break in half,” the source said.

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