The space opera Star Wars has gained crazy popularity around the world, but even ardent fans have not turned a blind eye to one of the main shortcomings of the project. Finally, the constant misses of the imperial stormtroopers managed to find a logical explanation.

An attentive viewer has repeatedly paid attention to a similar feature of the plot of the picture. It is possible that the author of the franchise, George Lucas, created the “scenario armor” for the key characters, because the adventures of Luke, Leia and Han Solo are of the greatest interest. You can agree with this theory and forget about such an omission, but another interesting assumption has appeared on the Web.

In the fourth episode of the original trilogy, the brave Luke Skywalker hastened to save Princess Leia from imprisonment, having previously stolen the uniform of one of the elite infantrymen. Unusual attire immediately caused the hero discomfort and significantly worsened visibility, which he noticed aloud. Most likely, thousands of soldiers of the Empire, guarding the malicious Darth Vader, experienced the same difficulties every day. The DTF portal came to this opinion .

Despite the strong criticism of the last three episodes of Star Wars, fans of the saga are waiting for the continuation of the fantastic picture. New episodes will be released in 2023 .


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